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Twitter and Market Research

October 10, 2011

I loved this cartoon from the most recent issue of the New Yorker! If you are not familiar enough with Twitter to know; a hashtag allows all of the folks using it to tweet with each other in a sort of private texting conversation. The cartoon is suggesting that the funeral attendees may want to have a background chat on their smart phones during the service. Sounds like fun, don’t you think 😉

To check out a business use of the hashtag, search Twitter for the hashtag #brandchat  where a hosted “discussion” is conducted on a weekly basis with anyone who cares to participate. Alternatively, you can see a description of brandchat on this website.

I have explored running market research discussions on Twitter by using hashtags or by using some of the associated third-party applications that allow a person to moderate groups via Twitter in a more private “setting”. To date, I have always chosen to revert to the hosted bulletin board type services due to security concerns and the hassle to participants related to establishing a Twitter identity.

However, should a study arise that might benefit from public exposure or a wide base of participants that do not require careful screening I believe that Twitter could be a great tool.

I hope that we don’t get to the point that people feel the need to background chat at a funeral. However, there are many events where background chat via Twitter or some of the new market research hosting services might provide useful market research information.

I often think about these possibilities… for related information:

  • this post discusses the advantages of using smartphones for market research and
  • this one speculates on the possibilities of gathering information from captive audiences

If you have a need for market research information that might be fulfilled through the creative use of social media send me a Tweet… or better yet, let’s talk on the phone. Did you know that you can make phone calls with that texting tool that you carry around with you? It’s true, voice to voice in real-time. Its revolutionary!


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